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How can CBT help with your anxiety?

Therapy in general, is to help reduce the distress you are experiencing and to improve your ability to function in your day-to-day life. The way to do that effectively is to have goals, but not just any goals (i.e. “reduce my worrying,” “to sleep better,” “to be able to concentrate better,” etc.). The goals need to be specific and concrete, which is a lot harder to come up with on your own. This is where our collaborative work begins because I will help you clearly define your problems in order to establish clearly defined goals. Once there are clearly defined goals, we can create a treatment plan, and continue to make changes to this plan as you make progress in therapy.

With CBT, you and I will assess the causes of your worries and fears. We will particularly look at your thoughts and behaviors and how these two create anxiety. Then I will provide you the tools and techniques that can help alleviate your symptoms, help you see a different perspective that is less overwhelming, and assist you in developing healthier coping skills. My ultimate goal is to help you use these problem-solving skills, tools, and techniques on your own in order to live a life you can enjoy.

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